The situation: it's Friday evening,  it's a sweltering 35°C out, your week has been chaos and you're more than ready for that cold glass of white wine, BUT you forgot to put the bottle in the fridge. What do you do?! Summer is too short to drink lukewarm white and rosé wine, so we've complied a list of our favourite hacks for getting wine down to temperature fast. So quit cursing your lack of foresight and witness the beauty of these ingenious techniques! 

1. The Dish Towel Method

Dish towel + freezer = super cold wine!


2. The Salted Ice Bucket Method

This chemical reaction leaves you with an ice cold bottle faster than the normal throw in the freezer technique. Thanks science!


3. The Ziplock Method

This technique is a bit out of the box, or rather out of the bottle, but the results are fast. After all, desperate times call for desperate measures. Check out the details instructions at


The zip lock bag method for cool wine fast and in 5 minutes


4. The Fire Extinguisher Method

Yes, it's ridiculous and exceedingly impractical, but one can never have enough party tricks. 


Cavinona Admin
Cavinona Admin