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Harmony in Nature

Fèlsina boasts a landscape where nature's favour shines upon agriculture. The moment you step into this countryside, you feel its warm hospitality and a moral responsibility to the environment. Rolling hills stretch as far as Monte Amiata, with vistas reaching towards Montalcino and the Maremma, all the way to the sea.

The diverse microclimates and soils of Fèlsina's vineyards, ranging from rocky calcareous terrain to marl and clay layers rich in marine sediments, provide a unique foundation for cultivating Sangiovese. This grape, known locally as Sangioveto, flourishes here, with its distinctive heritage perfectly complemented by the diverse vineyard soils. The result? An incredible range of wines that beautifully showcase the region's unique character. 

From Dukes to Visionaries

The history of Fèlsina is as rich as its terroir. Once the farm of the Grand Dukes of Tuscany, it was primarily olive groves with a small vineyard. By the early 1900s, the noble Florentine family Busatti had expanded the wine cellar and shaped the estate's architectural charm. In 1966, Domenico Poggiali purchased the property, recognizing its potential and expanding the vineyards and cellars with his son Giuseppe. Under Giovanni Poggiali's leadership since 1993, the estate has deepened its commitment to preserving and enhancing Sangiovese through meticulous research and organic farming methods. Today, Fèlsina is not just a wine estate but a vibrant farm producing top-quality olive oil and other crops, all while honouring its historical roots and looking forward to the future.

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