2016 Bardolino Chiaretto DOC

Case of 12 bottles

Varietals:  Corvina 55%, Rondinella 35%, Molinara 10%

Ageing/Vinification: stainless steel

Alcohol: 12.5%

Description:  Historically Chiaretto was a by-product of Bardolino rosso. It was the wine made from the juice that was ‘running off’ after a brief maceration with the skins. The remaining part was originally designed to enhance the body and weight of the rosso. Whilst improving the rosso the Chiaretto was not given the attention it needed. The harvest time was designed for red wines, ensuring a low acidity in the grapes (not ideal for rose wines); also it was impossible to do any clarifications before the fermentation.
Now to avoid these difficulties the two wines are made separately. The grapes used for the Chiaretto are harvested 2 weeks in advance and after a maceration of 24 hours at 8-100C the must is naturally drawn off. Then it is clarified and fermented for 15-18 days at 180C. The malolactic fermentation is avoided and the wine is left on its lees until is bottled. So a fresh and lively wine is created with a typical rose colour ideal for summer drinking.

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