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Dinner Party Mixed Case

Introducing our dinner party mixed case:

Each pink case contains one bottle of each:

Le Monde Pinot Nero Rose Brut

100% Pinot Nero. Experience the artistry of Italian bubbles with Le Monde's Pinot Nero Brut. Meticulously crafted in the Friuli Venezia Giulia region, this wine is a testament to the winery's rich heritage. Enjoy the symphony of flavors—red fruit, currants, and raspberries with subtle floral notes of rose petals—crafted with a blend of traditional and modern techniques. Each sip is an ode to the dedication of Le Monde's winemakers and the essence of a distinguished Italian wine tradition. Cheers to a wine that transcends taste, embracing the legacy of Le Monde's excellence.

2022 Carvinea Lucerna Fiano IGT 

100% Fiano. Indulge in the sun-soaked essence of Southern Italy with Carvinea’s white wine,  Lucerna Fiano, a radiant celebration crafted from hand-picked Fiano grapes. Each sip transports you to the warm embrace of the Mediterranean sun, delivering vibrant flavours that dance on your palate. The enticing bouquet, featuring a delicate bouquet of hawthorn and acacia, delicious stone fruits of pear and peach, and a touch of hazelnut, sets the stage for a sensory journey, promising a symphony of delightful notes from the very first whiff. Perfectly versatile, this wine complements everything from seafood feasts to light salads, making it an ideal choice for any occasion. Rooted in the rich winemaking traditions of Southern Italy, Carvinea reflects the essence of its terroir, embodying a legacy of commitment to quality and innovation.

2021 Claudio Morelli Vigna Terrazze Sangiovese, Colli Pesaresi DOC 

100% Sangiovese. Terrazze Sangiovese encapsulates the essence of the Colli Pesaresi region; the grapes come from the hills of the northern Marches region. With meticulous care and respect for tradition, Claudio Morelli crafts this Sangiovese, unveiling a symphony of flavours that reflect the unique terroir. As you uncork the bottle, allow the wine to breathe for a few minutes, awakening the intricate layers of aromas that linger within. Swirl your glass gently to unlock the nuances—perhaps catching a whiff of ripe cherries, hints of violet, and a subtle earthiness that speaks to the vineyard's soul. Take a moment to appreciate the rich, ruby hue, a visual testament to the sun-drenched slopes where these Sangiovese grapes ripened to perfection. Upon that first sip, let the wine grace your palate with its balanced tannins and bright acidity, showcasing the meticulous craftsmanship that Claudio Morelli is renowned for. Enjoy it with hearty Italian fare, and let every drop transport you to the sunlit terraces of this unique winemaking haven. 

2022 Mamete Prevostini, ‘Santa Rita’ Rosso di Valtellina DOC

100% Nebbiolo. Valtellina's wine-making charm lies in its Alpine terroir, where terraced vineyards cradle Nebbiolo grapes, yielding wines of unparalleled elegance. The cool climate, combined with traditional techniques like extended maceration and aging in large wooden casks, accentuates the unique terroir, while terraced landscapes optimize sun exposure for grape ripening. This region's winemaking culture, deeply rooted in heritage and familial tradition, imparts a strong identity to every bottle. Mamete Prevostini, a distinguished winery in Valtellina, has garnered acclaim for its dedication to Nebbiolo. Their SantaRita Nebbiolo is captivating, unfolding with fragrant berry scents and transitions into delightful floral aromas. The palate, marked by chewy tannins, showcases freshness and persistence, epitomizing the excellence Mamete Prevostini brings to Valtellina's wine-making legacy.

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Producer: Cavinona

Category: Mixed Cases, new release