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Corte Sant'Alda Ca'Fiui Valpolicella DOC

Case of 6 bottles

Bottle Size: 750 ml

Vintage: 2021

Varietals: Corvina Grossa 50%, Corvina 30%, Rondinella 15%, Molinara 5%

Alcohol %: 12.5

Region: Veneto

Tasting Notes: Sunny, well-exposed vineyards produce well-ripened grapes ensuring body and and equilibrium for this impressive Valpolicella.

Ageing/Vinification: Fermentation takes place in oak vats and is spontaneous (native yeasts); rack and return, manual wine-crushing, malolactic fermentation and retention of this wine in fermentation vats for at least six months all ensure excellent complexity where spices and austerity prevail over fruit.

Vineyard: Production comes from four young sunny, south east exposed vineyards – 9 Tomasotti Vineyard, 10 Bianchini Vineyard, 13 Rossetti vineyard and Cavallero (1) – for an overall area of 4,8 hectares. All the vines are grown using the simple guyot system with a density of 6400/9300 plants/hectare; the average gradient is 8%. Soil is poorand medium textured.

Product Area: Organic certified.

Winery Website: http://www.cortesantalda.com/en/vini-e-prodotti/valpolicella-ca-fiui/