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Planeta Nocera Sicilia DOC

Case of 6 bottles

Bottle Size: 750 ml

Vintage: 2022

Varietals: Nocera 100%

Alcohol %: 13

Region: Sicilia

Tasting Notes: Intense and deep ruby reflections. On the nose it is original and different from others; white pepper, geranium and summer fruit, prunes and ripe Noto figs. It is mellow and soft in the mouth, a typical characteristic of this ancient and undiscovered Sicilian variety. The vines are still young as is the processing of the wine, which however remains completely unaltered from the original.

Ageing/Vinification: Grapes are gathered by hand into 15-17 kg crates and as soon as they arrive at the winery, are hand-selected and de-stalked. They are fermented in steel tanks and remain on the skins for 10 days until they reach 25 °C, with manual pressing and pumping over until the end of the period; followed with racking by soft pressing; the wine thus obtained has carried out malolactic fermentation in stainless steel.

Vineyard: Grapes come from the La Baronia vineyards in district of Milazzo, located about 40m above sea level. soil with alluvial origins, it is loose, dark, deep with a structure containing a moderate amount of granite, mostly rich in silt, with a 50-60cm layer of mixed volcanic ash, blown here by the wind from Etna.

Winery Website: https://planeta.it/en/wine/nocera/

Producer: Planeta

Category: 6, > 630, Italy, Nocera, Planeta, Red Wine, Sicilia