Giuseppe and Mauro Pavia have made it their mission to ensure every wine lover on the planet will know the greatness of Barbera d'Asti. Unlike with many Piemonte producers where Nebbiolo is the focus and Barbera an afterthought, at Agostino Pavia it’s king. Having successfully created a strong identity with the land, in the commune of Agliano Terme, Agostino Pavia has been able to produce a definitive wine of this terroir since the 1980s.

The vineyards are situated between 240 and 260 meters in altitude, and the soils are mixed with clay. Through careful selection and ageing processes Agostino Pavia is able obtain four different kinds of Barbera d'Asti, which are different aspects of a single, prestigious and world-famous designation. Their philosophy, which is based on sustainable farming that Mauro describes as “buon senso” (common sense) has taken Agostino Pavia’s wines all over Northern Europe, the United States and Asia, winning them significant acknowledgements and awards.