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Castello Tricerchi


Sangiovese Spotlight

In the captivating Montalcino region, the vineyards of Castello Tricerchi are exclusively dedicated to cultivating Sangiovese Grosso grapes. The vines adorn the castle in seven distinct plots, benefitting from the varied microclimates of north-facing slopes. Their commitment to organic cultivation methods, combined with the rich limestone clay and sand soils, creates the ideal environment for grapes to flourish.

Finally, nestled within the castle's walls, the cellars, once dungeons, now provide the perfect setting for their wines to mature gracefully. Thanks to their sturdy construction and natural air chambers, these cellars maintain a consistent temperature, ensuring optimal conditions for the wines' development.

Centuries of history

The Tricerchi Castle was completed in 1441, and served as important reference point for settlers travelling to Rome during the sixteen hundreds. It wasn't until the year 1800, when an ancestor of the current owners gained ownership. The Squarcia family, recognizes the historical importance of the property and has dedicated themselves to maintaining it with care. While, of course, focusing on producing exceptional wines year after year.

What They Offer

Tastings in the castle

From the vineyard to the castle, with a look at the historical 'dungeon' cellars


Castle tours, Tuscan cooking classes and more

Italian Importance

Recognized in 1982

Take a Trip to the castle


Castello Tricerchi
Località Altesi - 53024 Montalcino
TUS - Italia



+39 0577 1912361