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Ettore Germano


High Altitudes, Rich Heritage

Germano Ettore is perched high in the Alpine commune of La Ruine, a prime location in the heart of the Barolo area. This historic vineyard thrives in the unique soils and cool mountain climate of the Langhe region. The well-drained, rocky soils and optimal sun exposure create ideal conditions for cultivating robust and aromatic grapes.

Utilizing ‘massal selection’ propagation techniques, the Germano family maintains a high vine density per hectare, ensuring quality and diversity in grape varieties. Their dedication to sustainable viticulture is evident in meticulous vineyard management practices, which emphasize manual labour and natural fertilization. This approach not only preserves the integrity of the land but also enhances the quality and character of the wines, reflecting the rich terroir and heritage of the Langhe, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

From 1856 to Modern Excellence

The Germano family has owned their land on the hill called Ceretta since 1856. Great-grandfather Francesco and grandfather Alberto laid the groundwork, cultivating vines and selling grapes. Ettore Germano, the son of Alberto, continued this tradition in the 1950s, by replanting vineyards with high-quality vines. In 1964, Ettore married Rosanna, and they expanded their holdings. Their son, Sergio Germano, finished enology school in 1985 and began modernizing the winery, introducing Chardonnay vines and venturing into sparkling wine production in the Alta Langa area. By 1993, all grapes were vinified in their own winery. Today, Sergio and his wife Elena run the estate, upholding the family's legacy by combining traditional Barolo craftsmanship with modern winemaking techniques. The true epitome of evolving, but never forgetting their heritage.

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Region is recognized as an Unesco World Heritage Site

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Az. Agr. Germano Ettore di GermanoLocalità Cerretta, 112050 Serralunga d'Alba (Cn)
PIE - Italia



+39 0173 613528