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Fattoria La Rivolta


Rare Italian Terroir

Love, passion and respect for the environment define the essence of Fattoria La Rivolta. Located in the district of Torrecuso, Benevento, the vineyards benefit from optimal south-southeast sun exposure. The unique composition, characterized by marl and arenaceous-limestone soils, offers a distinctive mix of low-mineral substances, rare in Italy.

Constant winds and soil minerality, paired with sustainable, non-invasive practices, ensure excellent grape yields and high-quality wine production. The region’s rich history of viticulture, dates back to Greek colonists. It's storied past has shaped the land, the people and of course, the wines!

Sustainable Tradition Meets Modern Excellence

Fattoria La Rivolta's story began over a century and a half ago, with Giovanni and Teresa planting the first vineyards. Initially supplying other wineries, the estate transformed in 1997 under the third generation’s leadership. Embracing 100% ICEA-certified organic cultivation, they focused exclusively on native Sannio vines. The philosophy of respecting nature and history is evident in their vineyards, where biodiversity thrives. Today, Fattoria La Rivolta has expanded its reach, gaining acclaim in the international wine space. Their commitment to quality and innovation has earned numerous awards, reflecting their unwavering dedication to exceptional winemaking.

What They Offer

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A variety of tasting experiences

A closer look

Where nature and wine combine, a guided tour of the area and it's history

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Contrada Rivolta
82030 Torrecuso BN
CAM - Italia



+39 0810 36254