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Agostino Pavia


Beauty in Simplicity

Nestled amidst the picturesque hills of the province of Asti, the village of Agliano Terme serves as the home to the renowned Agostino Pavia winery. The serene landscapes and rich cultural heritage, coupled with the region's unique terroir and traditional practices, create the perfect environment for a thriving wine community.

In their vineyards, they adopt a straightforward yet crucial approach to crafting exceptional wines. The clay-like soil serves as the vital source of nourishment for the vines, where practicing manual harvesting techniques highlight the terroir in each bottle produced.

Commitment to Barbera d'Asti

The essence of winemaking at Agostino Pavia is deeply rooted in the family's passion, history and commitment to create a strong identity with the land. Since the 1980's, the winery has been owned entirely by Giuseppe and Mauro Pavia where they have earned several awards and acknowledgements over the years.

In the early days, their careful selection of each vineyard's position on the land has proven successful in the production in their range of exquisite and terroir expressive Barbera d'Asti wines.

What They Offer

Explore the land

Offering both guided vineyard tours and tastings

Cascina La Marescialla

Enjoy a relaxing stay on the grounds


Barbera d'Asti Superiore awarded 97 points in 2020

Take a trip to Agliano Terme


Agostino Pavia e Figli di
Agliano Terme 15 - 14041 - Bologna
PIE - Italia



+39 0141 954125