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Organic, A Way of Life

Brandini, which produces the famous wines of the Langa region, is “only” 20 years old. In the wine universe, that is truly young but they believe that the most important factor when producing these wines is not age, but dedication to tradition. They believe in young, talented, and capable people with clear and achievable goals.

Brandini has been practicing organic agriculture for years because they want to leave their soil in a better state than how they found it. All of their choices are based on respect for the environment, for those who work with them, and for their clients. Their wines are of anything superfluous. Brandini strives to cultivate territory and a sense of proportion.

"The history of each of our bottles begins from the earth"

You would never guess that Brandini has only been around for a couple of decades. Their wines show the hard work of tradition. The enologists work with great passion and attention to detail, and the results are incredible. The grapes are grown organically without the use of any pesticides or herbicides so that the vines can flourish in the natural fertile soils. Brandini’s philosophy focuses on respect of the people and of the land. How can we argue with that?

What They Offer

Tour Della Cantina

Tastings that start in the vineyard and end in the cellar

Coltivare Agri.Relais

A new hospitality project where you can relax

Michelin Restaurant

Awarded in 2024

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Agricola Brandini s.a.a r.l.
Borgata Brandini 16 - 12064 La Morra - CN - Italia



+39 0173 50266