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Cantina Scala


quality, responsibility and respect

Cantina Scala has always acknowledged and practiced responsible ethics when it comes to the environment. With this respect for the land, they became SQNPI certified as they abstain from the use of chemical substances.

The vineyard's unique features of sun filled days, are met by a consistent breeze from the sea. The soil is rich in clay and calcium, contributing to optimal grape ripening and complexity in their production of red and white wines.

"He looked at the countryside again and heard the wind in the trees..."

In the mid-nineteenth century, the Franchetti baron family, known for their cultural interests and considerable properties, aimed to establish a self-sufficient agricultural hub on the fertile lands of San Gaetano. Notably, the land inspired Ernest Hemingway, who drew inspiration from it for one of his novels. Years later, the wine production side was officially born under the care of Ernesto Scala and his wife, Carolina, and it remains under their grandchildren's care to this day. They've never lost recognition for their rich cultural heritage and continue to draw inspiration from their predecessors while ensuring quality for present-day customers.

Explore a medieval village


Stradone Franchetti, 25
30021 S.Gaetano di Caorle
CAL - Italia



+39 0421 88167