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Canavese's Charm

Within the province of Turin, Canavese is home to the Ferrando winery. The region boasts deep historical significance and captivating landscapes, situated on the border of two neighboring provinces. Once covered by a great glacier, the retreat left behind a circle of morainic hills, dotted with ponds and lakes.

This picturesque area is highlighted by the 25 km long Ivrea’s morainic sierra, offering a unique blend of natural beauty that attracts visitors from far and wide. Carema stands as the flagship red wine of Ferrando. Crafted from Nebbiolo grapes, it is renowned for its velvety texture, robust structure and balanced character. This wine is a testament to the region's unique terroir, which is highlighted through their attentive ‘slow’ style of production.

Five generations of winemaking

Ferrando Vini has a rich history that mirrors the depth of the Canavese region. Founded in 1890 by Giuseppe Ferrando, the winery began as an effort to introduce Piedmont wines to Valle d’Aosta. Over the generations, the Ferrando family expanded and refined their winemaking, with Giuseppe Ferrando junior beginning the production of the rare Nebbiolo wine, Carema, in 1957. The family built cellars for this "mountain Barolo" in 1964. Flash forward to present day, the winery produces a range of acclaimed wines under Roberto Ferrando's leadership that we are proud to offer.

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