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Ca’ De' Medici


All eyes on Lambrusco

With one goal in mind, the Medici family has long been known for their meticulous grape selection from the prime vineyard regions of Emilia-Romagna.

Ca'De' Medici has made waves for their dedication to sparkling, and only sparkling ranges of Lambrusco, wines and Champagnes. The region boasts a diverse terroirs, and its distinctive attributes has historically proven itself as a perfect environment for their wonderful collection of bubbles to thrive.

Five generations of wine

Ca’De’Medici is a family run winery that has received acclaim for their Lambrusco over the years. The company's history started in the second half of 19th century, when the Medici family owned a small inn where they also produced wine in small batches. With an eye toward the future, Remigio Medici and his sons established the winery "Remigio Medici e Figli," marking the beginning of a new chapter in their winemaking journey. Over a century later, founder Remigio Medici was honoured at the Rome Wine Expo, while the fourth and fifth generation continue his legacy on today.

What They Offer

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World Supplier

Wines exported to over 30 countries

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Ca'De' Medici srl
Via della Stazione, 344224
EMR - Italia



+39 0522 942141