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Rich, Volcanic soils

Ayunta is found beneath Mount Etna, a unique UNESCO World Heritage Site. Shaped by volcanic activity, the Calderara Sottana vineyard benefits greatly from the region's mineral-rich soil and lapillus fragments, resulting in ideal drainage for the vines to thrive.

Steeped in tradition and respect for the environment, Ayunta exclusively grows indigenous grape varieties. One unique feature is their production of of white wines, which are planted amongst the red vines. Mapping out the 'Piante Sparse' or stray vines require a manual and meticulous harvest, but create white wines with remarkable freshness. A labor of love with results that we'd say, are worth it.

"The small old vineyards was the only choice I had"

Ayunta’s story began with a chance encounter, when owner Filippo Mangione met an elderly man tending to a vineyard. When he offered to sell the land, Filippo's decision to purchase was clear, as he could carry on his family's legacy of winemaking. Starting with just a 1,000 bottles in his first vintage in 2012, Filippo steadily increased his production to present day, producing roughly 15,000 bottles a year. Everything in the vineyards is done manually and without the use of chemicals, with the utmost respect for the environment and the soil. Maintaining the way it would've been treated in the past, as some vines date back 150 years.