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Borgo Paglianetto

Le Marche

Value in natural resources

Nestled in Matelica, at the heart of the Marche region, lies Borgo Paglianetto. Situated in the hills of the Alta Valle dell'Esino, its distinctive North-South orientation fosters a microclimate ideal for cultivating premium grapes, resulting in wines celebrated for their robust structure, freshness, depth and longevity. With a steadfast commitment to both quality and sustainability, Borgo Paglianetto prioritizes environmental conservation and adopts minimal intervention practices in both vineyard and cellar management.

Their genuine wines showcase a rich array of flavours and styles, each intricately woven with the nuances of age, exposure and grape ripening from the vineyards. Each sip tells the captivating story of their unique terroir, inviting you to embark on a sensory journey unlike any other.

from a love for Matelica 

Borgo Paglianetto was born in 2008, when five dedicated owners came together through their affinity of their homeland. Merging two longstanding wineries in the region, their dream became a modern day reality. Today, they have grown to include a team of young and passionate individuals, whom they refer to as 'the beating heart,' as they continue to propel wine production forward.

What They Offer

Tour Della Cantina

The Verdicchio di Matelica experience

Certified Organic

Recognized in 2013

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Borgo Paglianetto
Località Pagliano, 393 - 62024



+39 0737 8546