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Cascina Ca’ Nova


oasis of nature

Tucked away in the hills of Novara, the vineyards of Cascina Ca' Nova sits amidst the remnants of the Ice Age and the ancient rocks forged by the Supervolcano of Valsesia. It is here, where the earth's plates once collided leaving behind a tapestry of diverse soils giving the Nebbiolo grapes grown here their distinct minerality.

Steeped in history and geological wonder, the Mediterranean climate and the imposing presence of Monte Rosa creates the perfect environment for wine endeavours. It's no secret that Nebbiolo holds a special place in their hearts, as the grape is a true chameleon that effortlessly embodies the nuances of its Alto Piemonte terroir.

"Wine can arise from a shared dream"

The love for this territory began in 1995 when Vittorio and his daughter discovered that just a short distance from home there was an oasis of nature and rural history. Their first order of business was renovating the 1700's farmhouse which today houses the winery, aging cellar, offices and tasting areas. Then, moving on to plant 9 hectares of vineyards to bring their dream to fruition. Vittorio unfortunately passed in 2018, but his daughter and family continues his practices with pride, reaching new heights in both quality and recognition.

What They Offer

Tour Della Cantina

Be transported into the world of Cascina Ca' Nova wines

The Relais Cà Nova 

A delightful guesthouse on the grounds



Cascina Ca'Nova
1 - 26867 Somaglia LO
PIE - Italia



+39 0322 863406