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Distinctive, Authentic Wines

Not far from Bolzano, amidst the rolling, sun-kissed slopes, lies Girlan, waiting to be discovered. Monte di Mezzo, a lush wooded mountain ridge, lines a large portion of this historic property. The altitudes of Trentino Alto Adige, some of the highest in winemaking, cradle Girlan at an impressive 450 to 550 meters above sea level. To the north, the majestic Alps shield the vineyards from the cold winds, while the dramatic temperature fluctuations between day and night, particularly in autumn, lend the grapes an enhanced durability and a fine, distinct bouquet.

Girlan’s dedication to authenticity breathes new life into the grape varietals that are known to thrive here. Though the soil is gravelly and noted as lower in nutrients, it is these unique characteristics that enable the production of their incomparable wines. Renowned for their distinctive and pronounced character, with a mineral, fresh and clear structure that truly sets them apart.

A harmonious blend of old and new

Cantina Girlan’s story began in 1923 within the walls of a 16th-century farmstead, where 24 pioneering winegrowers laid the foundation for a renowned winery. Prior to that, Girlan was first mentioned in historical documents dating back as far as 1085AD. The collaborative vision has always been clear: to celebrate and promote historic local grape varieties while embracing innovation. Their original administrative building has been lovingly restored, complemented by a new, modern structure that echoes the ancient façades. Honouring the traditions of the past, the historic cellar's labyrinthine corridors are still maintained, providing the perfect conditions for aging their wines. Today, about 200 dedicated winegrowers and their families cultivate vineyards across the region under the expert guidance of their enologist, Gerhard Kofler.

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Cantina Girlan
Via San Martino 24, I-39057 Cornaiano (BZ), South Tyrol
TAA- Italia



+39 0471 662403