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Messina's natural amphitheatre

The vineyards of Bonavita sit at 250 metres above sea level overlooking the Strait of Messina. Half of the land is dedicated to wine, while the rest of the property remains as mature olive, oak and chestnut trees. The Peloritani mountain soil and salt filled air creates the perfect atmosphere for the winery's commitment to traditional and natural practices to flourish.

To preserve the native vines, they diligently practice natural agriculture to protect the indigenous 'fauna' and 'flora', completely abstaining from chemical fertilizers. Their humble garage style cellar proves the true work to produce quality wine, is done in the vineyard.

From ancient origins, to present day

Emanuela and Carmelo Scarfone, with the help of their sons Giovanni and Francesco, were determined to breathe new life into the historic vineyards cultivated by their family for over a century. Their shared goal to resurrect one of the most ancient and revered Sicilian wines, the “Faro” of Messina, to its former glory remains at the heart of their accomplishments.

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Azienda Agricola Bonavita
C.DA Corso - 98158 Messina
SIC - Italia



+39 3471 754683