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Cascina Morassino


Small but mighty

Cut into the slope of the hill within the rugged Ovello zone of Barbaresco lies the ten-acre Cascina Morassino farm. Part of its terrain is shared with the renowned Gaja estate, further proving the quality of wines that are created here. The cascina sits right in the center of the vineyard, with the Ovello vines stretching up the hill, and the rest planted down the hill beneath the farm.

As one of the region's oldest Barbaresco producers, it's surprising they've maintained such a humble size. With this, it is upheld diligently by the family itself, who tend to the vineyards with meticulous care.

A balance of modernity and tradition

Cascina Morassino Winery has been a family affair since 1984 when Mauro Bianco laid its foundation. However, the winemaking legacy runs deeper, as three generations before Mauro, the family was already nurturing grapes from the esteemed Ovello crù. Talk about keeping it in the family! Today, Mauro's son, Roberto Bianco, is at the helm. With an education at the famed Alba school of oenology (Scuola Enologica di Alba), he is equipped with all the tools of a modern winemaker, but it has not led him away from tradition. With just four and a half hectares to work their magic, it's truly all about quality over quantity in these vineyards.

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Cascina Morassino
Strada Bernino 12-14, 12050 Barbaresco - Italia



+39 34712 10223