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Campi Valerio


River, mountains and fields

In the heart of the Pentro area, nestled in Isernia, once lied the untouched terrain where Campi Valerio now stands. Shaped by the legacies of civilizations like the Samnites, Romans, Lombards, and Normans, this region, known as Contado di Molise, boasts a rich cultural heritage.

In this captivating landscape, the slow-maturing vines are ideal for extended aging, resulting in wines rich in flavours and unique aromas that capture essence of this pristine and unexplored land.

New horizons, old roots

Although the brand is fairly new, the vineyard boasts a storied past dating back to the 17th century, when it was founded by Prince Giovanni Pignatelli and his family. The official acquisition of Campi Valerio took place in 2004, symbolizing the deep connection between the family and its land.

What They Offer

Tour Della Cantina

Intimate and group tastings

Spazio Arte Petrecca

Their newest addition; on site art gallery to tour while you taste

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Località Selvotta, snc
86075 Monteroduni, Isernia
MOL - Italia



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