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Wines shaped by the earth

Bruna finds its home in a territory where the breezy, salty air of the Mediterranean intertwines with the sunlit peaks of the Ligurian Alps. The landscape is wild, where the rows of vines live in harmony with Mediterranean scrub, olive and oak trees. The lush Arroscia Valley creates such a unique growing environment, it cannot be replicated elsewhere.

Their vineyards are arranged in classic Ligurian terraces with stone walls, where the native grape Pigato can shine. The purebred wine remains the main focus of the family's production, as it stands as an authentic reflection of the clay-rich soil that is found here.

A family affair

The Bruna agricultural company traces its origins to the vision and passion of Riccardo, the current owner's father. Dedicated to reinventing the region, he saw the potential in Pigato and had his family's full support in embarking on his wine making journey.In present day, his two daughters, Annamaria and Francesca continue to carry on his legacy alongside Francesca's husband, Roberto. The family involvement doesn't stop there, with children and grandchildren alike familiarizing themselves with the land. Together, they work diligently with a curiosity and the desire to innovate with each passing day.

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Azienda Agricola Bruna
Via Umberto I - 81 18020 Ranzo
LIG - Italia



+39 01833 18082