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Grosjean Mixed Case

Sale price $340.14

The Grosjean family dates back to the 1600s, when at the time the Duke of Savoy sent families from Savoy and Burgundy to repopulate the Valle d’Aosta after the plague of 1630. These families recovered the abandoned lands, and they allowed for the winemaking tradition of Burgundy to germinate in the Valle d’Aosta.

Centuries pass of success and decline, thanks to global events such as the two world wars, but the Grosjean family persevered. The last 20 years of the 20th century are marked by a shift in the Valley, a great opportunity for the producers, where investment and interest grew to rediscover the native varietals of the region - Fumin, Petit Rouge, Petite Arvine, Torrette and more. This is when Grosjean begins to really grow - refining their winemaking knowledge and agricultural techniques, allowing them to compete and define themselves as a top player in the valley’s wine industry. 

Today, Grosjean continues to be a family operation ahead of the curve - with a new cellar built in the 2000’s and an agricultural shift to producing organic wines. Their commitment allows for wines hailing from an unlikely place to be enjoyed around the world.

Our mixed cases are inclusive of tax and bottle deposit. Each mixed case contains 2 bottles of each:


100% Fumin. 2022 Vintage. A deep ruby red with aroma that expresses ripe black fruit with maraschino scents. Special attention to the spicy notes evokes complex underearth scents and a dry, tannic palate and a long finish.


80% Petite rouge and Vien de Nus, 20% Fumin and Cornalin. 2022 Vintage. Ruby red in colour with floral notes and a pleasant crisp flavour. It is also warm, soft with moderate acidity. The palate has forest fruit flavours, blackberries and blueberries, soft tannins and crispness


100% Pinot Noir. 2022 Vintage. A ruby colour that deepens to garnet with a complex range of scents that linger and balance out the intense red fruits. A dry, balanced palate with good alcohol and long finish.

Grosjean Mixed Case
Grosjean Mixed Case Sale price $340.14