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Sun soaked stone

The picturesque town of Carema is nestled in a sunny valley as you approach The Alps, and boasts a unique landscape characterized by imposing stony masses. The terraces are as unique looking as they are purposeful, reflecting the sun's rays onto the vines during the day, and holding heat into the night to work against vast temperature drops.

Nebbiolo is the only grape varietal you'll find within the Carema collection, as this growing area boasts both ideal growing conditions and a storied past that tailors to these exquisite Nebbiolo wines.

Centuries of tradition

Over time, the wines from the vineyards of Carema have been applauded by the masses. Most notably recognized by Pope Paul III's bottler Farnese in 1539 as "an excellent and perfect drink for Princes and Lords"

The Nebbiolo Producers' Cellar in Carema was founded in 1960 by a group of 10 resident winemakers. To carry the esteemed Carema name, a wine must undergo four years of aging, including two years in oak barrels. This meticulous process upholds the tradition of excellence, ensuring each bottle embodies the region's rich heritage.

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Carema Nebbiolo Producers Cellar
Via Nazionale, 32
10010 Carema (TO)
PIE - Italia



+39 0125 811160