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Bordiga Aperitivo

Sale price $263.70 ($43.95/BTL)

Case of 6 bottles

Bottle Size: 700 ml


Alcohol %: 16

Region: Piemonte

Tasting Notes: This sweet, citrusy and lightly bitter Aperitivo is perfect to drink straight with ice and orange peel, combined with a good prosecco to make a tasty spritz, or blended. The only limit is your creativity.

Ageing/Vinification: Only high-quality raw materials are used. The herbs are grown in the Alpine and handpicked by regional licensed gatherers and they use antique wood-fire copper stills for distilling. All the botanicals are macerated in grain alcohol (no ultrasounds, no centrifuges for essential oil extraction). Filtration takes place exclusively with natural processes and with the use of natural paper filters.

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