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Muraje Vino Rosso LASU

Case of 6 bottles

Bottle Size: 750 ml

Vintage: 2020

Varietals: Nebbiolo 60%, Native Varieties (Neyret, Ner d'ala) 40%

Alcohol %: 14

Region: Piemonte

Tasting Notes: Intense and vibrant ruby colour. The nose is very fresh, recalling sensations of cleanliness of aromas; it ranges with ease from the crunchy fruit of wild strawberries and currants to the elegance of small mountain flowers. Woody and wild tones of eucalyptus and dwarf pine. With slow oxygenation saintliness and a distinctly mineral, stony texture. In the mouth it is very juicy, savoury, medium-bodied, tannins are lively and at the same time silky, not at all pronounced or leading.

Ageing/Vinification: Spontaneous fermentation is carried out in steel tanks. Long macerations (end of December). After racking it is refined in a tonneau and a barrique, both exhausted, as well as a few demijohns. Spontaneous malolactic fermentation in the spring following the harvest, then racking again into stainless steel until August, followed by bottling. No clarification or filtration, just a minimum of SO2.

Vineyard: Vineyards are cultivated between 300 and 600 mt above sea level, on centuries old terraces supported by dry stone walls on rocky amphitheater of Carema town in province of Turin (Piedmont, north-west of Italy).