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The historic Bordiga distillery was founded in 1888, at the base of the Alpine valleys in Piemonte, by Cavalier Pietro Bordiga, is a dedicated herbalist and expert in alpine botanicals and exotic spices. One of the great distilleries today with 135 years of experience, Bordiga produces an exquisite range of products inspired by the Alpine heritage, including Amaro, Amaretto, Aperitivo, Gin, Vermouth and Vodka. A defining feature that distinguishes Bordiga is its meticulous sourcing of quality raw products. The botanicals are still carefully hand-selected by mountaineers and Bordiga does all their own botanical infusions and distillations, with each botanical infused separately. Each Bordiga bottle preserves the ‘soul’ of its origins, which is intensified by the unique and aromatic scents of mountain herbs and botanicals.

Whats Included:

Chiot Montamaro (18 alc%)

Bordiga’s Montamaro Chiot is an alpine-style amaro that was first produced in the 1930s. The historic recipe is made with infusions, flowers and alpine herbal spirits. It is low in alcohol, but big on flavour. Genepy gives an exclusive herbal and floral sensation, yarrow gives the typical herbal taste, gentian a touch of bitterness, and thyme together with mint offers soft mentholated notes. Excellent served neat or on the rocks, and garnished with a lemon peel. Give it a try in spin on the Milano Torino paired with Vermouth Excelsior (1:1 ratio).

St. Hubertus Amaro Riserva (38 alc%)

An original amaro recipe passed through generations, meticulously crafted with premium botanicals and aromatic roots, including gentian, quinine, citrus peels, licorice, and herbs, like thyme and rosemary. Quality ingredients are hand-selected, dried and preserved with completely natural methods. A distinctive amaro with a rich taste of botanicals, harmoniously balanced with bitter-sweet notes, and enhanced by hints of licorice and mint profile. Savour this fine amaro as a digestive, served either neat or on the rocks. Try it also mixed, adding a fusion of unique herbal flavours to your flavours.

Vermouth di Torino Excelsior Riserva Superiore (18 alc%)

Bordiga’s finest Vermouth, for its 130th anniversary, Bordiga relaunched its historical Vermouth Excelsior. Bordiga’s finest Vermouth, crafted with 30% Barolo, along with aromatic white Moscato and Trebbiano barrel ageing and infusion. The primary botanicals used are wormwood, dittany, elderflower, cinchona bark, quassia bark, orange peel, gentiana lutea root, anise, Bourbon vanilla from Madagascar, and Gentiana Acaulis flowers. The botanicals are individually infused (and not purchased) in pure alcohol derived from wheat. The infusions are combined, and then blended with different wines, and sugar is added. After cold stabilization and filtration, the vermouth is bottled, and rests for an additional few months before it is sold. A very limited production. This is a vermouth for those who seek excellence. It is complex with a rich body of dark and dried fruits, herbal flavours, zesty orange peel and baking spices. Irresistible over ice and garnished with an orange peel. Also excellent in a Negroni or in a Boulevardier.

Amaretto (28 alc%)

Amaretto is a historical liqueur, with the original Bordiga recipe dating back to the early 1900s. Amaretto translates to ‘little bitter’ from ‘amaro’ which means bitter and ‘etto’ which means little. Crafted with natural botanicals using locally grown almonds, peaches and apricots. The almonds and fruit kernels are crushed and infused individually, and then blended with cocoa and vanilla bean, sugar solution and water. The taste is complex with flavours of dried fruit, marzapam, vanilla, and reveals a characteristic nutty or almond finish. Enjoy neat or over ice, and mixed with cocktails such as Amaretto Sour. A superb addition to coffee and coffee liqueur.

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